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Our Mission…

We care about building memorable experiences and lessons throughout your child’s year. Unlike most camps, our goal is not only entertainment but also leaving great memories for your child while they solve challenges, while having fun and bonding!

Your child is our top priority here at ChallengerKidz™ Campz, that’s why we provide care for every child that attends our day camps, making sure everyone is participating in our character building challenges that’ll push your child to new heights!

We’ve made it our camp mission to teach children the importance of teamwork and problem-solving, all while competing in fun activities! That’s why we made our camps affordable and less expensive than other day camps.

The Skills & Activities We Teach

& Why We Do...


New Thanksgiving Session: Nov 23rd - Nov 25th

Depending on weather, schedules and our number of campers, we have multiple kid friendly and fun environments where our camp will be held through the year!

Age:  9 – 17

Opportunities:  3 internship spots available (free tuition)

Days/Time:  Friday – Sunday  9am – 5pm

Our Benefits

why choose us

Our passion as a kidz camp is to help children who experience boredom and electronic addiction find their confidence and gain life skills. Our belief in creating a brighter future for all children is the reason why we’re dedicating our camps to helping children learn and gain life lessons from our camp. We achieve our goal through fun, competitive challenges, and powerful lessons such as teaching our campers how to inspire others, lead and work together as a team. Keeping them active and having fun will always be our top priority, we aim to give our campers the best experience we can offer them, every year.

Fun Activities

Character Building

Prizes & Bonuses

Choose The Best Path For Your Child...

Rates & Dates

3-Day Camp

Thanksgiving Session

Nov 23rd – Nov 25th, 2018
Fort Collins, CO
Thanksgiving Session:
Pay full price $327 or see other sessions for savings
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5-Day Camp

Weekly Session

Aug 20 – Aug 24, 2018
Fort Collins, CO
Weekly Session 5:
Pay full price $560 or see other sessions for savings
Registration Full
10-Day Camp

Mini Session

Aug 20 – Aug 31, 2018
Fort Collins, CO
Mini Session 3:
Save 17.2%
from weekly price!
Regular Price $1,008
Registration Full
20-Day Camp

Full Session

Aug 20 – Sept 14, 2018
Fort Collins, CO
Full Session 2:
Save 27.4%
from weekly price!
Regular Price $2,060
Registration Full

What People Say

I got an email from my kids’ teacher saying, “I’m not sure what you have been doing lately with your kids, but we wanted to let you know, it’s WORKING!”


These wonderful people are truly angels from the sky. I recommend everyone to join the family. You will be loved and supported unconditionally.


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About Us

We NURTURE your kids by teaching leadership, team building, confidence, life skills, and problem-solving all WHILE having fun!

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2480 Kittredge Loop Drive #920Boulder, Colorado USA 30810This is NOT our physical location, see camp location here


Active hours: 9:00am – 5:00pmEmail:
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